Quartier des Spectacles Dance (Public space game)

As a game designer.

QdS Dance is a game device on a wide scale set up in public spaces. The idea is to use the movements of the passersby to create an interactive musical experience. The device has been designed to animate music shows. It is composed of both a visual and sound part on a wide scale, and a network of terminals using a chatbot that help passersby to find their way. Our goal is to create an experience that will animate the district using its public spaces. It is an accessible and participative experience; there is no need to learn the rules to participate in it.

This project was developed during the Ludifier la Ville Game Jam in early 2017. It earned the third place in the Radio-Canada category, and the second in IBM’s one.

To learn more about it, click here.
The game also is available on itch.io.